God’s Treasury for unstable times



Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

As we have watched our world spiral out of control; when there are more “unknowns” than “certainties”, there are still a few things that will never change or pass away.  Of these you may be certain:

—You are loved with an everlasting love.

—God has prepared an inheritance for you that can not be foreclosed upon by banks, stolen by thieves, or destroyed by acts of nature.

—No matter your circumstances, you will never be left alone—Jesus will be with you until  the day your body lays down for the last time, and you rise up to eternal life….

—There is nothing man or devil can do to separate you from God’s love.

—Gods word is sure and His promises are certain.

We often forget our rich inheritance in the face of our difficult circumstances.  Yet, I am reminded of the joy and peace God desires for us every time I spend a little time with our orphans in India.

Before morning breaks new, I hear the sounds of their singing coming from their dorm.  They sing with joy though they will never possess 1/10th of the things you and I have.  Their praises stem from the riches of joy and gratefulness God has placed in their hearts in spite of their poverty.

I desire that you could, even for one hour, experience the power of joy as it explodes in songs, shouts, and laughter in these little ones.  Would that we were so rich!

So where are you putting your treasure?  Do you think it impossible that the mighty dollar might be little more than fireplace kindling one day—as it was in Germany in the 1920’s?

I think of the first orphanage we built in 1990.   It cost $30,000 for the land and building, and I still had 4 children to put through college.   But the Lord has often told me, “Take care of my business and I will take care of yours.”  Three of our children have finished college with one left at home.  Is anything too hard for God?

Whatever you put in the bank of heaven will never be lost, dear one. May the God of all comfort strengthen and encourage our hearts.  Godspeed.