When we see Women the way God does

We live in a world where women are treated with increasing hostility in many places and as sexual objects in most places.
In India, police treat rape victims with contempt, believing they must have deserved their fate. Further, the most common attitude there is “if you were really raped you wouldn’t complain and expose your shame. If you complain then you weren’t really raped.”
The girls we rescue from the streets in southern India are almost always minors. No one tries to argue they deserve it, they just turn their heads and pretend not to see.
In America, young men are introduced to the lowest view of woman through pornography. Seeing women horribly mistreated in film while giving the impression they enjoy that kind of sex, causes youths to believe that all girls act and think like this. It destroys any potential for stable, mutually loving relationships before and after marriage.
According to U.S. Pornography Revenue Statistics, $3,000 is spent every second in the U.S. on pornography while 30,000 people view pornography every second of the day. A new porno video is created every 40 minutes and in 2006 porno revenue hit $97 billion—equaling the combined revenue of Apple, Microsoft, and Google.
The destructive results carve an increasingly wider swath in America. Even parents of pre-teen and teen girls must be watchful for signs of abuse. Girls with low-esteem and a desire to please are particularly vulnerable.
Hollywood helps perpetuate this sexual objectification as female stars walk the red carpets with as much of their body visible through sheer clothing made by expensive designers.
It is no wonder marriages fall apart at increasingly rapid rates when men discover that their wife won’t act or “perform” like the women in porn videos Their response is often to spend scarce money on porn to fill the void
Increasingly, clothing makers are creating sexually provocative clothing, not just for teens, but for pre-teens down to the age of 5. From every corner of America the view of a woman’s great value, other than sex, is being erased. Can the violent and hostile treatment of women be far behind?
The girls we bring to our sewing center in India, come with a very consistent view that they are worthless if they don’t provide sexual services to paying customers. We spend a year with them training them as seamstresses, but also we begin to rebuild their view of themselves, by teaching them God’s view of women.
Charles Stanley once asked a young man who came in for marital counseling why his marriage was in so much trouble. He replied, “She changed. She used to be pretty, thin, happy and full of good humor.” Charles Stanley asked him, “So, what did you do that caused her to change like this.” The man was dumbfounded, unable to answer.
While I served in Command positions, my wife and I had the opportunity to counsel many in marriage difficulties. We both came to the same astounding conclusion. Both, men and women, have a lot of power to make their spouses into something great or something much less.
She encouraged the women to remember their husbands were working in hard jobs with long hours under dangerous conditions so that their wives could spend their days raising their children and running their homes.
I would counsel the men, that if they would love and honor their wives as they should, they might very well see again the woman they married. If they treated her as beautiful and smart, their wife would be encouraged to live up to the praise and honor their husband was now giving them.
I always believed, from the time my wife and I married at age 19, that it was up to me to help my wife become the woman God designed her to be. If I loved her the way Jesus loved the church, then she might fulfill all the things God intended for her.
Even if the rest of the world is running into the abyss committing every possible sin they can, we don’t have to follow them. Each of us and our families might be a light to our friends, neighbors, and communities. Through our reverence and obedience to God, others will at least learn there is a different way and a greater love than what they’ve known.
It is time we honor our wives, daughters, and women in our lives as God sees and treats them. It is only at the end of our days, that we will completely see all God accomplished through our obedience and love. Our families will be amazingly changed, when we pour out His love in the way He desires. Godspeed and keep you.