Avoiding Compassion Burn-out

I’ve read some interesting reports recently on the effects of “compassion fatigue” on people. When nearly every news story borders on horrific or depressing events, with little hope of resolution, viewers begin to turn the channel. Newspaper reading is at an all time low, as many surmise reading on-line news allows you to pick and choose what you will absorb.
In one sense, it is perfectly understandable to shield our hearts against pain.. But the question I come to is this, “How do we as Christians live our lives in such a world?” and “Must we close our eyes to suffering to keep our strength and sanity?”
Jesus also lived in a period of great upheaval, national depression at being subjects of Rome and little hope for the poor. Hungry for something good, they crushed together to be close enough to hear Him. Day in and out, He had little respite from the clinging crowds. How did He avoid burnout?
Jesus drew from the well of strength that was His relationship with His Father. Many mornings, He would slip away for a time of prayer—of refreshing His soul by connecting with the source of His strength.
We should not listen to the voice that says you are too busy to find time to be refreshed in prayer. The truth is, you are too busy NOT to connect to God and be refreshed by His Spirit. If it was important to the Son of God, how much more is it important for us?
God can fill us with strength beyond measure if we will devote time to drawing upon His resources. You don’t have to steel your heart against the suffering around you. Instead, let the Master fill and refresh your soul daily by spending time connecting with Him. It will completely change the way you see the world around you and the way you reach out to others.