Pray, Wait, Do

Sometimes in our rush to accomplish things for ourselves and the Lord we get mixed up as to the order of things.

Nothing lasting or eternal can be done except through the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit.  To find those works we must connect to the Lord.  How else shall we know His will?  Praising God first, we then pour out intercessions and prayers.  Throughout the day, as the Spirit reminds us, we continue to shoot our prayers heavenward, like arrows to fall into the heavenly censors. (Rev 8:3) There they rise up as a sweet aroma to our God.  But we are not ready yet to “do”.

Because God has already seen the beginning and the end, He is not rushed for “time”.  He is outside of time.  But we, being bound by time, sometimes forget that we must “wait upon the Lord.”  In God’s time, He shines a light upon the path we must go to do His work.  Then without delay it is time to “do.”

As you may have guessed, it is easy to spend too little time praying or waiting, and much time in doing.  In the end, the time spent working will never be as blessed as when we praise, pray, and wait before doing.

So because the enemy is strong against us in every way, we cannot afford to pass a single day without praising, praying, and waiting for God to show us what to do.

Some our challenges are raising enough funds to send our children back to school, overcoming banking obstinacy (see inside), and providing for all the needs God brings to our door.

We have been working in India for 24 years, and some things have not changed.  Yet, that is why God sent us there—to give aid and comfort to those with none.  To shine the light of Jesus so those in darkness may see His great light.  To love with the hands of Jesus, and teach all who will listen to the wisdom and plan of God found in His Holy Scriptures.

We’ve seen more disabled children being brought to us as society rejects them.  However, the power of God’s love is so strong within our facilities that even these little ones are greatly touched by it.

We struggle, as do many of you, against inflation which is affecting all of the world, but especially the poor.  Rice prices have tripled in the past year alone.  This is the main nutrient in the Indian diet.  Yet, even though we do our best to cut everywhere possible, we must pray and intercede for God’s help in even this small task.

But we can say like Paul, We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.

The difficulty of this hour drives us to our knees again and again.  In India we have 40 widows who take prayer shifts for us around the clock.  We always have 3 pastors who come to our headquarters and spend 3 days praying and fasting.  How could we do less on this side of the ocean?  No, each morning we arise praising Him for His mercies and seeking God’s assistance and power.  Only He can break the power of the enemy so that we may serve Him victoriously.

Above all else, rejoice with us, that though the enemy is strong against us, our God gives strength to the weak—people like you and I.  So our most powerful weapon is found in our intercessions and prayers.

Are you finding strength by connecting to God each day in prayer?  The world is more unstable and the hour more desperate than ever before.

May the Lord guide you with His wisdom as you serve Him this month.