How Shall I Serve Thee?

Have you ever considered how utterly upside-down the words of Christ are in our world? Were Christ to be born into our world today, I think it would be few who would follow after Him.
If you doubt it, consider for a moment how much we worship wealth, fame, power and possessions? Were Jesus to come wearing His simple robes, what might we think? Were He to say to us, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men,” what would we do?
From America’s humble beginnings long ago, we have strayed far from understanding our place, position and purpose.
When a knight would come into the presence of his king, it was the custom of the knight to kneel and ask, “How shall I serve thee?” In that question was an understanding of both the king’s authority and the knight’s loyal submission.
The scriptures declare, “For the nations and kingdoms that shall not serve thee shall perish. Those nations will be utterly wasted.” (Is 60:12) We may not be able to change the course of our nation, but we can remain faithfully loyal to our King.
Who knows but that our example may turn some away from the path of destruction. It is the wise follower that asks the Lord each day, “How shall I serve you, Lord?” In doing this, we find what the Lord desires of us and in acting upon it, we become fruitful and faithful servants.
It is God’s good pleasure, that we should serve in this life. In this world, many seek to rule, but in God’s kingdom, it is the servants that will be highly honored.
It is in serving that we find our true place and calling. Then, when He calls us home, we will willingly kneel before our Lord and ask with joy, “How shall I serve thee?” May God keep us until that soon-coming day!
Jeff O’Leary