Do Hard Things

I’ve heard from many how following the Lord is so difficult today.
They see the decline of America and all the things that it once stood
for and feel a sense of hopelessness. Frankly, if I were to focus on
what goes on in Washington, I’d be depressed too.
Since I used to work for Fox News in Washington, I had two television
channels going on in my office as well as news feeds from
many sources. When I went to the studio, to address areas of my expertise
in the Middle East, I never knew what I would be asked—
hence I immersed myself in relevant news.
Today, I no longer listen to the news. I read the headlines on my
mobile device and often find them too terrible to even open the article.
I find my spirit is injured by too much contact with evil.
In truth, we know that this planet is not our home. The present
ruler of this world is not the ruler of my heart or the hope of my future.
So, I absorb the words of my King, and as I walk with the Lord in obedience,
I find my heart filled with peace and purpose even as the
world descends into the abyss.
The reason following the Lord is so difficult is because the present rise of evil is so breathtaking. But if
following the Lord is hard, consider the challenges of serving the Lord in a land ruled by His enemy. Without the Spirit’s direction
and the Lord’s protection we can accomplish nothing. In India, every thing we do is a struggle. Even getting money into India through the
banking system has been extremely difficult for Christian organizations like ours. Sometimes our funds are held for months before being
passed on. But we do not quit, or cease contending for the cause to which Christ appointed us.
Seven years ago we purchased land with all permissions necessary to build on it. Then with a stroke of
an administrator’s pen, the permissions were withdrawn. For 5 years we implored the Lord for His aid and assistance while doing everything
within our power until deliverance came two years ago. When we visit we are always in danger of arrest and imprisonment. To accomplish anything, we must crucify all our fleshly hopes and even our love of family. We all must accept
that when one is working within a stone’s throw of hell, you are going to be very visible to the enemy. In your world, as you serve Him,
you will surely face such implacable and seemly undefeatable opposition. Be bold and courageous, for the Lord is with you. Do not be afraid, for though the prince of darkness rules this world, his time is short and his judgment is sure. Be faithful. There is great joy and purpose in following and serving the Lord.
As ambassadors, we must accept that if we faithfully convey our King’s words, commands and even promises, we will encounter great anger, backlash and suffering will be sure to follow. Rejoice anyway. For in suffering, we find joy that Jesus has counted us worthy to join the great apostles and prophets who came and suffered before us. Keep the gates of Heaven and the Lord Jesus who stands waiting for
us there in your hearts and minds. Soon you will see Him face to face, and then you will know, it has all been worth it.