Among those Rich in the Joy of Jesus

By the time you read this we are surrounded by incredible love and the joy that overflows from the hearts of our grateful staff and orphans. It is always a little surprising to be welcomed with such incredible warmth.
Most often, the children shower us with flower petals as they sing songs of gladness to God for all He has done.
Their praises come not from those with full houses or bank accounts. Their praises stem from the riches of joy and gratefulness God has placed in their hearts in spite of their poverty. Would that we knew such richness!
I desire that you could, even for one hour, experience the power of joy as it explodes in songs, shouts, and laughter in these little ones. Your support has made all of this possible.
When you take a child into your heart and sponsor them, you redeem a life destined to end at about age 15. With your help, these children survive into adulthood and become the future Christian lights shining among a people in darkness.
Remember, it is “the joy of the Lord (that) IS your strength.” Neh 8:10 In a world stumbling blindly and depressed in nearly every way, we need to be filled with this joy—it is our secret source of strength—no matter what circumstances we face.
I pray that each of you become rich in the joy of Jesus this coming year. It is a treasure the world can never touch or take away.